Worship Liturgical Assistants include Greeters; Sides-people; Readers; Intercessors (or Prayer Leaders); Servers; Communion Assistants; and Offering Counters.

Their ministries support worship services as they unfold.

Scheduling is by rotation varying according to availability.


Help to welcome worshipers, and facilitate the experience of those who are visiting or unfamiliar with the service.  Greeters are available to direct worshipers towards worship materials, seating, and to the time of fellowship after worship.  Greeters also assist Sides- People as below.   


Sides-people help to greet worshipers, and ensure worshipers have worship materials needed.  They inform priests, and communion assistants, of the numbers for communion preparations.  Sides-people ensure the orderly movements of worshipers during communion, and during the offering.  They also ensure the worship space is tidy and secure following the service.


Readers read out the Scripture passages as appointed for the service. 

(Liturgical readings follow the New Revised Common Lectionary.)

Intercessors-Prayer Leaders:

Intercessors lead the congregation in prayers for the community, the world, and the Church.

Communion Assistants:

Communion Assistants help the priest in administering the wine during communion.


Servers assist the priest during the preparation of Communion. 

Offering Counters:

Offering Counters, working in pairs, record, and account for the worship offerings in a confidential and secure manner.