I'm New

What is it like?

Expect to find a warm welcome and an informal atmosphere. Our 9:30 am Sunday service follows the  more contemporary forms of worship and normally uses the Book of Alternative Services, with a blend of both traditional and contemporary music led by our Music Director and other members of the parish with both piano and organ.

What about my children?

Children are always welcome. We offer children's activities and programming during the Sunday Service, and occasionaly we provide activities and space for children in one corner of the worship space if the Sunday School is not offered on a particular day.  Children are encouraged to be a part of the service and to join their families to receive Holy Communion.   

I'm from a different church/I've never been to church. Can I worship here?

Absolutely. All are welcome to fully participate in the services at St. John's. We want you to feel like you are part of the family.  You do not need to be baptized to participate in worship and all are welcome to share in Communion. Ask anyone sitting next to you to help you follow the service.

Receiving communion

During the Eucharist we serve wine and use a common cup. You are invited to kneel or stand at the altar and receive the bread, the wine or both as you prefer. If your mobility prevents you from coming to the altar rail but you would like to receive communion please mention this to one of the sidespeople or greeter before the service and the bread and wine will be brought to you in your seat.

Hymns and songs

We enjoy singing, and often are asked where is our choir?  Our response is that the whole congregation is the choir!  We sing from a wide variety of music sources including "Common Praise" (also known as "the blue book") which is the commonly used hymn book for the Anglican Church of Canada. In addition, we use songs and hymns from other sources and  we are always willing to learn new songs. Each Sunday will usually be a mixture of "traditional" hymns and more contemporary songs. 

Why all the standing and sitting?

At St. John's we usually stand when we sing, for the creed, and for the prayer after communion. We sit during the readings from the Bible, but stand for the gospel and for the Eucharistic prayer, because the Eucharist is a celebration. This can be very confusing until you are more familiar with the service. The best rule of thumb is to do what is most comfortable for you.

Where do I park?

There is a large parking lot at the rear of the property.  You can access the parking lot from First Street.  There are two wheelchair ramps coming into the building - one at the Parish Hall and one along First Street.  The main entrance is on Jubilee Street. 

How do I stay in touch?

As a newcomer you can elect to fill out the Information Card providing us with your family details, and if you would like to be placed on the Parish Roll. If you give us your email address, we will also make sure that you receive our weekly announcements email. As a visitor/newcomer you are in no way obligated to make a donation. However, if you would like to become a regular donor ask the greeter to direct you to the envelope secretary who can set you up with donation envelopes or a pre-authorized remittance (also known as the "Electronic Collection Plate").