What is St. John's like?

Welcome! Come on in!

Expect to find a warm welcome, and an informal atmosphere.

  • Our 10 am Sunday service follows the more contemporary form of worship using the Book of Alternative Services (BAS), and with a blending of traditional and contemporary music.


  • Our 10 am Wednesday service follows the traditional form of the Book of Common Prayer (BCP).  This is a small, quiet, said service of prayer and worship.


What about my children?

Children are especially welcomed to the Sunday service where they are encouraged to join in worship and to receive Holy Communion.   


Can I worship here?  I'm from a different church, or, I'm very new to church.  

You can absolutely worship here!
All are welcome to fully participate in the services at St. John's.

We want you to feel part of the family. 
You do not need to be baptized to participate in worship.
All are welcome to share in Communion. 
Ask anyone sitting next to you to help you follow the service.


What about Communion?

During the Eucharist,  we receive in both Bread (wafer) and Wine. 

If mobility is an issue, you are invited to remain seated, and Communion will be brought to you.


What if I am not comfortable to receive Communion?

It is always your choice, to receive or not.
Perhaps you would be more comfortable to have a Blessing, instead.
Simply come forward at "communion time",
with arms crossed over your chest--as indication to the Celebrant.  


What about the Hymns & Songs?

We do enjoy singing, and (at this time)
the whole congregation is a masked choir! 
We sing from a wide variety of music sources including
"Common Praise" - known as "the blue book"-
used throughout the Anglican Church in Canada. 
We also sing songs and hymns from other sources,
and we are always learning new songs. 
You will usually find that the music selection each Sunday
to be a blend of "traditional" and "more contemporary". 


Why all the standing and sitting?

At St. John's we usually stand

  • to sing;

  • to profess our faith with the Creed

  • and when we pray after Communion


We sit:

  • to listen to the Scripture readings;

  • YET do stand when the Gospel of Christ is proclaimed; 

  • We also stand during the Eucharistic prayer, because the Eucharist is a celebration.

This all can be very confusing - just follow along with others around you. 
A good rule of thumb is to   do what is most comfortable for you.


What about parking?

There is a large parking lot at the rear of the property with access from 1st Street. 
There are 2  ramp accesses  to the building -

  • one at the Parish Hall doors off the parking lot;

  • and the other is along First Street. 

The main entrance is on Jubilee Street. 


How do I stay in touch?

We invite you to fill out an Information Card to provide us with your family details, and if you would like to join the Parish List or Roll.  
Providing an e-mail address will ensure that you receive our weekly announcements update. 


What about Giving?

Please know that you are in no way obligated to make an offering or donation. 
This is between you and God. 
However, if you would like to make regular contributions,
please speak to our greeter who will advise you. 
Many people use donation envelopes, or are enrolled for a pre-authorized giving remittance - the "Electronic Collection Plate".  
Please speak to our Greeter for more information.


You Are Welcomed Here! 
We Are Blessed by Your Presence!

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