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Pray for Lambeth Conference 2022 

"God's Church for God's World"

The Archbishop of Canterbury invites us to pray for the upcoming Lambeth Conference (26 July – 8th August).  Archbishop Justin Welby urges us to pray on Trinity Sunday – 12th June, and to pray for the event in the weeks ahead.

  • PRAYER resources are available HERE.

“The Lambeth Conference theme of ‘God’s Church for God’s World’, reminds us that we are called upon as Christians to pray for the needs of the world. There are many calls upon our prayers at this time: World peace, the global climate crisis, the effects of the pandemic – to name but a few.

“I invite you pray for the Lambeth Conference. Please pray that as we meet and consider our shared mission and ministry, that we may hear the call from God. In turn, that we might add our voices to call others to make a difference for Christ in the world.”