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In the dawn, the tender morning glory shivers from the cold
She unfurls her petals in first light, the young maiden, innocent and curious
She arrives in her pure white nightgown, free from unclean thoughts
Romantic tendrils reaching out in old fashioned charm.
A strong climber, full of life and energy, a nubile sprout  

The teenage years of the daisy, innocence and youth,
Chanting he loves me he loves me not
The secret keeper, plucked with angst
She has a chubby round face, and chubby cherub grin
Eyes deep and dark and full of mystery  

The noontime of a woman’s life
The Rose, the mother plant, the queen
Who has stood the peril of time
Well spent days placing petals to keep the linen fresh
The roses still clamber from porch to roof
Unshakeable, beautifully grown into her own
Undemanding and hardy, fragrance of love  

Dusk is upon the garden,
The blushing heart shaped heads of moonflowers open up
Older and wiser, full of mischievous thoughts
Dancing, as the evening sun drops into the ocean
Filling the evening with calming aromas  

The scents of honey, orange and jasmine
Bring feelings to my heart of good wishes and kindness
Ever so charming is the sweet pea, her folded butterfly wings
Elevated above all earthly matter
Reborn after the tearful goodbyes
Transformed, bearing friendship and good news
From our ancestors.  Quietly upon the latticework.  

Thirteen flowers bloom at night
The midnight hour when the marigolds
Bright orange and yellow flowers guide the spirits of
The departed souls to their awaiting families
Using their energies to instruct their roots
For next seasons blooms.    

Coreena Lewis & Trish Vollmann-Stock collaborated on a painting/ poetry contest.
The theme was “Every Body Beautiful”                  

This depicts woman aging and how every season is cherished.
All proceeds go to the women’s shelter.