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In a recent reading by Richard Rohr, I read of six essentials for beginning your day (breakfast).  

One, is to begin by offering thanksgiving; not just for a night of rest.  

In the event of restlessness, one needs to give thanks. There are also those events, which were difficult the previous day, for which you may be able to give thanks.             

There are the expected encounters for this new day. Some expectations will be positive, while others may be more challenging.             

I believe, if we pray in thanksgiving for what was in the past, for the present instant, for the expected day, and for the unknown, our day will more apt to be filled with joy.  

It is then we can proclaim:  Rejoice in the Lord always, I Say Rejoice....  

Don't forget the bacon!  


Blessings in your week,

Archdeacon Brian +