Heritage Gifts


This came across my FB screen today:

“If at first you don’t succeed, do it the way your mother told you to do it in the first place.”            

In Canada, we celebrate Father’s Day on the 3rd Sunday in June.

In our first parish, there was a historical church out in the country. Each year, on the 3rd Sunday in June, a memorial service was held in that church. The whole community participated. The day chosen was not about honouring fathers. It was a day to honour the history of the community; the pioneers who had taken the raw land and turned it into some of the best grain-producing soil in our country.            

In the month of May, we honour our mothers: we give thanks for the history we have inherited from our mothers. The list we have inherited is endless. And so, it is with our fathers. The greatest among these gifts are all those little pieces of advice, falling under category of “how to.”  

Each year, on the 2nd Sunday in May, and the 3rd Sunday in June, I find myself reflecting on all those little tidbits of advice. The word ‘mother,’ in the top quote, could be interchanged with ‘father.’ 

On Sunday, we will read from Luke 8.26-39, the healing of the demonic. At the close of the reading Jesus gets back in the boat, to head back across the lake. The man whom Jesus healed begged to go with him. Jesus refuses. Jesus leaves the man behind, to testify to his faith.            

Celebrating Mother’s and Father’s Days, reminds us of the ‘heritage of faith’ we have received from our parents; the teachings we have received. Just as Jesus taught the first disciples, our ancestors fulfilled their duty, in handing down our Christian heritage to guide us in life.  

This heritage of faith is made up, in part, by all the bits of advice we have inherited; advice which has lasted the true test of time, like tempered steel: strong and lasting.            

Today I close with this little acrostic dedicated to our fathers.

Forgiving and patient, so kind,
Affectionate and loving, unconditional;
Tireless, hardworking without complaints,
Humble and gentle, never does he
Ever grumble in fulfilling our needs;
Resolute and unswerving my dad is,
Selfless, simple – epitome of sacrifice, and a strict
Disciplinarian, he instilled moral values in us.
About my dear dad, I have much more to pen
Yes. Had I got more space, I would go on and on… -Milton Hankins  

A little advice to the gentlemen of St. John’s, Duncan:
there is a ‘special surprise’ waiting for you on Sunday.

Blessings to all this week,
Archdeacon Brian+