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 Modern Day Idols

On Sunday, I was invited to preach at our Cathedral.   If I were to place a title on my remarks, it would have been “Idols.”

Preparing for this homily, I thought about a recent broadcast on CBC Radio (my favorite travelling radio station).

The topic discussed by the guest interviewed was: our ‘dependence/reliance on our electronic gadgets.’  We were reminded of this dependence, in a very direct way recently: one of our major internet providers shut down.          

The guest speaker suggested that we take a day every week, to shut off all our electronic devices.   As I listened, I thought: could I? Then, a short time later, I had no other choice. I survived!  

I acknowledge, it is not that simple. The world business evolves around the “cyber” world.   Not to sound boastful, I do confess; I did not miss the lack of internet for one day.               

The question for us to ask is: what is my “idol”? What is the modern-day idol in my life?            

In our Scriptures, the most familiar idol is “The Golden Calf.” Most know the story well.  

Moses has gone up the mountain to receive the message of God.
One problem: Moses is delayed on his return.  
The people impatiently created their own object of worship: the Golden Calf.

History has not changed!
We are an impatient people.
In fact, our impatience has increased with the advances of technology.            

For us as Christians, we need to take counsel from the sacred writings in Holy Scripture.

Particularly, we should reflect on the scene in the Garden of Gethsemane when Jesus asks the disciples to stand watch as he goes off to pray. When Jesus returns, he finds the disciples are sleeping. We know how this upset him.            

Reflecting on this idea of idols in our life, I find myself asking two questions.

  • The first is my “cell phone” my present idol?
  • Or second, is my lack of patience, my present idol?
    Can I have the patience to reflect on life without the interruption of a cell phone “Dinging” in the middle of the night?  
    It is interesting to watch an assembled group when you ask them to silence, or shut-off, their electronic devices.
    There is always at least one person who just cannot do it, for whatever reason.            

I urge each of us: take time to reflect on our present-day Idols.  

Blessings, Archdeacon Brian+