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Show Up: Just Do It!

Recently, Flo and I attended a ‘Celebration of Life’ in Nanaimo, for a lady we have known for some years. She was only a few years older than us. The gathering was large: about 200 people.         

This lady was many things: wife, mother, grandmother, retired kindergarten teacher, volunteer extraordinaire. Various friends spoke of her caring attributes for family, neighbors, and the larger community. They said that if you were out in the community, you were sure to encounter her.         

We heard how two of her choice responses (if colleagues or friends grumbled, moaned, protested, or objected) were: “Show Up” or “Just Do It.”

I like this type of motto. It reminds me of my own Cub and Scout days, and the motto: ‘Be Prepared.’         

In the seasons of life, we receive many invitations, or calls to respond. They can come to us in the workplace, organizations, or clubs, or in the church. Last week, we—as a nation stopped to give thanks for those who “showed up,” and “just did it.” Because they did, we can live in one of the greatest counties in the world.         

In this Parish, we are blessed by so many who “show up,” event after event. Even if the task may not be a favorite, or one for which we do not think we have the talent or ability, we “just do it.”

“Showing up” is, so connected to that Scouting Movement motto: Be Prepared.

I think of the many people (over the years) who, when a call for volunteers was made, just “showed up” saying, “here I am, what can I do?”         

Soon, on December 9th, we will have our Annual Christmas Bazaar. The volunteer ‘sign-up sheets’ are circulating, as we speak!

I know many of you have already made your jams, or other offerings. Many are working on crafts, and various projects. There will be home-baking, and the ever famous “St. John the Baptist Christmas Cakes”: stirred, baked, and wrapped by the men of St. John’s.         

I am sure, we all look forward to that big day. I am confident—I know, come that day, many will “just show up,” saying, “what can I do?”

Your friend, and fellow volunteer, and parish priest,
Archdeacon Brian+