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Lambeth Conference
26 July – 8th 
August 2022

Convened by The Archbishop of Canterbury in 2022, the Lambeth Conference is a gathering of bishops from across the Anglican Communion for prayer and reflection, fellowship and dialogue on church and world affairs.

With the theme of ‘God’s Church for God’s World - walking, listening and witnessing together', 
the conference will explore what it means for the Anglican Communion to be responsive to the needs of a 21st Century world.

Every bishop of the Anglican Communion is invited to the Lambeth Conference. 
The Lambeth Conference has met since 1867, happens once-a-decade.
Outcomes of the conference will shape the life of the Anglican Communion in the decade ahead. 


Please pray for:

  • bishops and spouses attending;
    the different teams that have been
    planning and preparing for the conference;

  • the volunteers and stewards that are sharing their time to support the event;
    the chaplaincy and worship teams who will provide spiritual guidance & pastoral support;
    the speakers and contributors that will deliver sessions;
    the wider conference staff;

  • the Anglican Communion
    Present in 165 countries around the world, the Anglican Communion is a network of independent and interdependent churches.
    Pray for all in attendance and the churches and communities represented;

  • Lambeth Calls
    Bishops will share ‘Lambeth Calls’ throughout the event reflecting themes being discussed.
    These will outline ways in which the Anglican Communion might seek to be ‘God’s Church for God’s World’ in service, mission, action and justice.
    Dioceses and parishes will be invited to consider how they might best respond to the calls and take them forward in future years;

  • Themes being discussed
    Each day, a programme of Bible Study will focus discussionskey themes:
    Mission and Evangelism, Anglican Identity, Christian Unity, Inter Faith matters,
    Discipleship, Safe Church, Reconciliation, Human Identity and
    Environment and Sustainable Development;

  • Pray for the days of retreat;
    The Archbishop of Canterbury’s opening address to the conference;
    What does it mean to be  God’s Church for God’s World?
  • Pray for mission and evangelism
    1 Peter 1: 1-25 – Called in to hope and holiness
    Learning from 1 Peter’s vision of church, the day will explore
    mission and evangelism in the Anglican Communion, as part of the
    Global Church;

  • Pray for the Anglican Communion
    1 Peter 2: 1-12 – A holy people following Christ
    Present in 165 countries, the Anglican Communion is a diverse,
    global network of independent and interdependent churches.
    Representing a wide range of Christian traditions, cultures and
    languages, the conference will discuss the life of the Anglican

  • Pray for reconciliation and peace
    1 Peter 2: 13-3:22 – Resistance and resilience in Christ
    Ministering in a complex world is challenging. The conference will
    explore ways to follow the model of Jesus and lead in a way that
    builds unity and reconciliation;

  • Pray for the environment
    The church has a vital role to play in the global response to the
    climate crisis. The conference community will visit Lambeth
    Palace for a day of prayer, reflection and symbolic action on the
    environment and sustainable development;

  • Pray for Christian unity
    1 Peter 4: 1-19 – Suffering in Christ
    Bishops will explore Christian unity and inter faith Relations. How
    can we be a church that walks together with Christian sisters and
    brothers from other denominations? How can we learn from and
    engage in constructive dialogue with other faiths as we respond to
    issues in our world;

  • Pray for discipleship
    1 Peter 5: 1-14 – Authority in Christ
    The bishops will explore what it means to grow churches that are
    intentional about discipleship – developing communities of faith
    that nurture Christians to follow Jesus and develop their spirituality;

  • The conference closing:
    summaries from the week;
    thankgivings to God for all gathered;
    thanksgivings for the future – asking what will it mean to be
    God’s Church for God’s World in the decade ahead?