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"...Habits to Live Your Richest Life"

I recently purchased the book, The Wealth Money Can’t Buy: The 8 Hidden Habits to Live Your Richest Life, by Robin Sharma. In the second ‘form of Wealth’, the author directs his attention to ‘Wellness’. In a chapter titled ‘Defend The Health of Your Mind’, he writes:

“We suffer from the brain’s drive to look for problems, stay stuck on disappointments, and give a whole lot more importance to the situations in our days that are negative versus postive.” He illustrates:

“… We ruminate on an unpleasant comment made to us … forgetting all the praise we have been blessed with.

“… We concentrate on the irritating traits of a coworker rather than their friendly qualitites.

“… We constanty re-live traumatic experiences instead of letting them go …

“… We are twice as likely to avoid doing something that could enrich our lives … than to experience the pleasures of gaining rewards the new behavior will bring."

Sharma follows this with four regular practices to rewrite our negativity into a positive focus:

  • Positivity Practice #1: Write a “How Could this be Worse Paragraph”.

  • Positivity Practice #2: Get good at “Savouring”. Many are rushing through life as if attending a five-alarm-fire, instead of taking time to savour.

  • Positivity Practice #3: Improve 'Your Self-Talk': Most of us speak more harshly to ourself than we would ever speak to colleague or friend.

  • Positivity Practice #4: Be Actively Helpful: Giving of yourself in the service of others. (p.65-66)

I encourage you to try these practices for a month and journal the difference in your life.

Archdeacon Brian+