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Sharing Your Story

The world loves stories. From the earliest times of civilization, history has been shared through story—genres of music, film, picture, writing. Each inspires and tells a history of self, family, community, and country. Often, stories challenge the listener(s) to consider their place within the story.         

Think about a young child listening to a story: how attentive they are; how they want to hear the story over and over. (How many times did we share “Winnie the Pooh and Tiger Too!”) Those young children know what word comes next, and just when to turn the page. Each telling creates a deeper impression in that child’s memory.          

Similarly, pastoral visitation, and story-sharing are vital keys to parish ministry. Those visits give chances to learn the history and create new stories: learning from the past; hearing the positives and negatives of the parish’s life; learning what shaped a parish’s life; learning who were the key players.         

Have you considered telling your story?         

Think about the life of your parish; think about the past and the many changes you have witnessed. Think about the story you would like the parish to tell five or ten years from now. 

Now, consider sharing your story with the parish. Each of us carries the story of our generation, be it World War II,  the outbreak of polio or Covid 19—it becomes a gospel to share.

Archdeacon Brian+