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A Father Remembers “Father’s Day” Past           

This past week we celebrated Father’s Day in many parts of the world. With each year I reflect on my own experiences. I have few memories as a child of gifts given to our father, yet I am sure there were some. If my mother were making dad’s favorite dessert, it would have likely been Rice Pudding or one of her ‘deep dish’ pies.           

Move along a few years down the timeline, and sharing this celebration with our daughter. I have two early memories from her young years. 

My First Gift:
Not sure if it was Christmas, birthday, or Father’s Day.

Katherine and Flo go out shopping. Mom was sure they would find the perfect gift in Denver’s Store on Main Street. Sure, enough they did—but not what mom had in mind. 

To this day I (we) have no idea why she chose a tractor. What I learned early as a dad is not to over-analyze some things. In particular, one should not attempt think what is in the mind of a two-year-old making her first choice of a gift for her father. I am sure Flo showed her many choices. At the same time, I have learned this was the only gift that would do! 

Obviously, I treasure this gift! It remains in my office—as Katherine suggested it should. My personal observation: this gift reflects my roots. One should never forget to honour their roots! 

My Second Gift:
This gift comes to me from “kindergarten-years” as a father.
It is the Friday of Father’s Day weekend. Katherine jumped into the car with great excitement! Could she wait until Sunday to show me the gift? Of course not!

It was a ruler! It had “A Father’s Love Cannot Be Measured” written on it, in the perfection of the teacher. Also, it had two “glued-on turtles,” with a 5-year-old’s accuracy!

Though I have no pictorial—it is fixed firmly in my mind’s eye—as clearly as the day I received it! 

Children grow up quickly—far too quickly! It seems like yesterday standing in the OR, waiting for the first glimpse of my daughter. Then—the greatest miracle ever! I watched as nurses counted toes and fingers! All cleaned up! Now, placed in my arms! At that moment, they were like melted butter! What an over whelming experience!

 Then I came upon this in my reading:

'Sometimes you get discouraged because I am so small.
And always leave fingerprints on furniture and the wall.
But everyday I am growing – I’ll be grown up someday
and those tiny handprints will surely fade away.
So, here’s a clear one, just so you can recall exactly how
my fingers looked, when I was very small.'

Yes! I was also gifted with one of those great ‘hands’ along the way; (from the assistance of a teacher.)

So many treasures!

Last week, the treasure was a mature young professional enjoying :
"Father & Daughter Sushi-Time!"

Archdeacon Brian+