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'...Can't Buy - Quotes by Sharma’


A few quotes from the book, ‘The Wealth Money Can’t Buy’, by Robin Sharma. I am not sure of the number of chapters—I but have not counted them. Each chapter is no more than two pages. The book is a “good read” to start your day.

Ch. 85 - Enjoy the time you waste. In this chapter he quotes John Lennon, “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” – We live in a society which constantly challenges us to go faster, produce more, work harder, work more hours, have your cellphone on 24/7. Sharma would say down-time is a good thing. Take time!

Ch. 86 - the “anti-procrastination rule.” Dreaming dreams is essential to life. At the same time, Sharma says: “Never leave the site of a spectacular idea without doing something – anything – to bring it into reality. The best practice is to do it now.” Made me recall all the “doit now moments” I have lost!

Ch. 87 - Keep improving. When you arrive at the top, keep climbing. We need to keep improving every day of our life. Reminds me of attending workshops for twenty years, or so, in my first vocation and the instructor observing to myself and a colleague, “Why are you here?” Our response, “we can always learn something new.”

Ch. 88 - Labor for the magic, never for the money. Sharma shares three powerful lessons from Shaquille O’Neal.

  • #1 Keep your kids humble and grounded. He shared when your children say, ‘let’s buy this – we’re rich.’ His reply, ‘You’re not rich, I am.’

  • #2 Remember your roots. Never forget who gave you your start in life. One of my memorable moments with my mother one day (there is more to the story) reminded me never to forget my “toots.” (Now you know the rest of the story; why I often have Saskatchewan stories for you!!)

  • #3 Never work purely for the money. Shaquille shared: that – as an entrepreneur – when he did a deal only for the promise of a massive cash jackpot, the venture always failed. Yet, when he accepted an opportunity that inspired him, (because it would force him to grow as a leader, and because it ‘just felt right’) the results were inevitably excellent.

 Ch. 90 - Life is more important than work. The famous Kenny Sailors (who invented the famous Jump Shot of basketball) when asked about the famed “Final Four” responded: “God; being a great husband; a loving father; and a good Marine.” Life for Kenny Sailors was much more than basketball!

I end with that: Life is much more than ­­­­­________________________.
You fill in the blank.

Blessings for this week, 
Archdeacon Brian+

PS: Actually, there are 175 Chapters.