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Faith Tides of March


Read offerings from:

  • Bishop Anna - The neighbours that God has given us
  • Wally Eamer - Anytime is a good time to be inspired
  • Herbert O'Driscoll - The medicine of truth
  • Brendon Neilson re: Land, Law, Religion and Reconciliation: A Colloquium (May 4 to 6)
  • David Lehmann, Bishop of Caledonia re: Anglican Foundation of Canada

    “The council is very thankful to the Diocese of New Westminster's ACW and the other visionary benefactors who have helped to launch and grow this fund so quickly,” says Bishop Lehman. “The response to date has given so much hope that we may look to a future where those who have served the church are well-served in their retirement.” 

To make a gift to the ACW Council of the North Retired Clergy Fund
contact Michelle Hauser, AFC’s Development & Communications Officer
or visit the donate webpage


PDF  Faith Tides available for Download