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In her remarks at recent meetings with synod office staff, archdeacons and diocesan council, Bishop Anna has set out 6 current priorities to focus efforts of diocesan leadership in the coming months.  (See: October, 2021 Diocesan Post.)


1. Faith in Foundation — Current ministries: post-pandemic re-opening

Support our churches in the work of re-opening.

As we transition to a post-pandemic reality, consider in-person and on-line needs.


2. Faith in Action — Reconciliation & Beyond: racism - decolonization

Awareness of racial reckoning of the present times, and do our own work such as learning more about our colonial history.

We each need to actively undertake this work as a life-long practice.  It is part of living into our baptismal covenant, by respecting the dignity of every human being.


3. Faith in Action — Engaging God’s World: climate issues

We are being called to the work of addressing the climate catastrophe.

How will we collectively do this as the body of Christ?

Discerning what is ours to do will be a focus of our work.


4. Faith in Foundation — Current Ministries: personnel

Our people our most valuable treasure.

Diocesan Council has created a human resource (HR) working group, chaired by vice-chancellor Isabel Weeks, to update our HR policies and procedures and develop an HR manual.

Some challenges:

The number of parishes served by part-time and retired clergy, clergy who are close to retirement;

How compensation package aligns with cost of living reality;

Reduced number of clergy available to take positions;

Encouraging congregations to raise people up for ordained ministry

--“Vocations Day” Saturday, November 6 to begin this work.


5. Faith in Foundation — Current Ministries: governance

The pandemic has changed how we are Church in many ways:

-identify systems/ ways that work for us as we move forward post-pandemic;

-governance systems to balance transparency/ accountability with flexibility & adaptability.


6. Faith in Action/Faith in Foundation: stewardship

Upcoming 2022 budget: need for transparency and awareness to embrace a robust financial stewardship ethos.


Download a copy of these priorities below.