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In the January Issue:

  • Updates from the Council of General Synod (CoGS), the 10th Indigenous Anglican Sacred Circle and the COP26 climate conference anchor the January issue of the Anglican Journal.

  • The devastating floods that hit southern British Columbia prompted prayers and support from Canadians Anglicans to affected residents;

  • The Journal speaks to a United Church of Canada minister, chaplain and marathon veteran who uses “mindful running” as a way to teach transcendence and self-awareness;

  • The Anglican Church of Canada’s new treasurer and CFO Amal Attia details how she was drawn to the church through its mission to help others;
  • The Anglican Voices column features comments by the Rev. Alecia Greenfield, who as a virtual delegate at COP26,  about  how the church must engage (in climate issues) moving forward.

  • National Indigenous Archbishop Mark MacDonald, seeks a spiritual revolution that will see people choose life over consumption at a time of crisis;

  • Primate Nicholls reflects on Jesus’ call to inner sight as a means of finding truth.

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