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 This Christmas


For me this year has been fast and tough,

Sometimes I needed help to get over the rough.

As I reflect on this year past

For the most part, it’s been a blast.

As I get older and my walk does slow

Life's big picture gets clear: I reap what I sow.

I give thanks for the opportunity to stretch and gain;

Not without squealing and kicking, as I go through the pain.

Warnings are given for every turn;

If I’m listening, I won't crash and burn;

Right now, I hear: keep family close,

Love the unlovable, especially the morose;

Use my spiritual eyes to see through their shell-

Everyone has feelings and needs love as well.

For Christmas Carols tell the story of Jesus Christ the King-

His Godly, unconditional Agape Love, his Love for everything. 





Penned By:  M. McWilliams