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The Safe Church Program

Ensures St. John's Remains
A Safe Place for All Seeking
The Love of Christ

The Program

  • provides training to clergy and lay volunteers;

      • ensures that our churches are places of safety

      • from the harm of misconduct that can occur 

        in situations of imbalance of power.

Parishes MUST comply with Safe Church, and
report to the synod annually.
The Safe Church Compliance form is found 

Safe Church Training

  • Via 'The Praesidium Academy' training platform    HERE

    - used by the dioceses within the Ecclesiastical Province of BC & the Yukon.

  • Criminal record checks:

      • required in the Diocese of British Columbia for
        clergy and lay volunteers.

      • Certified copies of CRCs from other organizations are accepted.

Safe Church Training Designed to:

  • Ensure parishes remain places of safety, and wholeness,
    for all seeking the love of Christ;  
  • Ensure all volunteers and employees are
    aware of their own personal safety;

  • Ensure all volunteers and employees are
    equipped to manage their own personal risk.


  • is modular

  • includes topics such as:

      • recognizing, preventing child or elder abuse;

      • preventing bullying and harassment;

      • utilizing social media safely;

      • managing risk to self and others; 

      • preventing sexual misconduct.

Training Required by  

  • clergy and paid parish staff;

  • parish council members;

  • wardens;

  • choir director and/or organist;

  • treasurer, envelope secretary, and others handling money;

  • children and youth workers, camp leaders and volunteers;

  • honorary assistants;

  • pastoral visitors;

  • refugee volunteers;

  • volunteer staff including admin, grounds, and janitorial. 


  • CST Certification   &    Criminal Record Checks


Reporting Issues

  • To report a sexual misconduct allegation,

      • immediately contact the Canon Pastor,

        • HERE         ( 


  • Other Safe Church Matters

      • inappropriate behaviour;

      • bullying, harassment;

      • power inequities

  • Report as follows:

      • Parish Incumbent (or priest-in-charge) 

  • If s/he cannot address the issue,

  • If s/he cannot address the issue,

Other Incidents

        • suspected child abuse;

        • or elder abuse;

        • immediate threats to someone’s personal safety;

        • sexual assault;

  • CONTACT the Police   911

For all questions relating to Safe Church training,